Hawaii Executive Realty LLC

License #: RB-21485

Kahala Beach Condominium

What we provide:

- Rental unit advertising                                               - Vacation rentals

- Tenant screening                                                       - Rental rate assessments

- Showings                                                                   - Quarterly inspections and reports

- Lease preparation and execution                              - Rental proceed distribution

- Lease enforcement                                                    - Emergency response

- Maintenance and repair coordination

- Monthly cashflow statements

- Housesitting reports

Hawaii Executive Realty LLC deducts 20% as an initial tenant charge (applies to each new tenant), thereafter 10% of the rental amount is deducted each month as compensation for our services. H.E.R. also provides "a la carte" services should you wish to manage the unit on your own but would like the lease and other items prepared by a property manager. 

H.E.R. current vacation rental compensation rate is 20% of the rental amount (this applies to rental terms under six months).

H.E.R. current housesitting rate is dependent on the size, location and duration of the service.  You will be invoiced accordingly each month.